Roasted veggie sandwich

This is my new favorite sandwich. Like, ever. And I LOVE sandwiches. I also love roasted vegetables, so this is pretty much perfection right here. This is my own set of instructions, the sammich was inspired by a now closed sandwich shop near my house that had the greatest veggie sandwich (before now). What I loved about their sandwich, was that there was broccoli in it. Surprisingly good. I like to pair it with a side of cucumber. I swear I’m not a vegetarian, I just love a good veggie meal.

veggie sandwich

Here’s what you need per sandwich: (To be really fair, I make enough so that there is a spill over of veggies on my plate, because who doesn’t want that??)

– About 1 tbsp Cooking oil, I use olive oil

– Either one clove garlic or you can be lazy like me and scoop a spoonful of minced garlic (which I always have a jar of in my fridge)

– About 4-6 Button mushrooms (any kind would work)

– 1 Broccoli crown

– 1 Jalapeño

– 1 Small tomato (either Roma or one of those smaller ones that are on the vines)

– 1 Roll

– 2 Low fat/fat free swiss cheese slices (I like the fat free Kroger ones)

– *Optional* 1 Cucumber (not for sandwich, just for side)

– *Optional* Favorite hot sauce, I prefer Sriracha (for the cucumber)


Dice the mushrooms, chop up the broccoli, and slice the jalapeño. Dump the chopped veggies into a freezer bag or tupperware and pour the olive oil and the minced garlic over it. Shake it up so the veggies are coated. Put the veggie mixture on a foil lined baking sheet, and place into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. During that 10 minute span, slice the tomato. After the first ten minutes are up, pull out your partially roasted veggies and chuck the tomato slices in there. Put that concoction back in the oven for 15 more minutes. Take the two slices of low fat swiss and place them on either side of your roll. If you have a toaster oven, melt the cheese on the bread. If you don’t, use your oven to warm the cheese a little in the last few minutes the vegetables are roasting. (Trust me, this is worth it)

Once the vegetables are done, get a big spoon and smush the veggies into that gooey cheesy goodness.  Enjoy.


As I mentioned earlier, I like to pair this with spicy cucumber. All I do is slice a cucumber and drizzle Sriracha (or cock sauce, as I like to call it) all over. Like so:



Low fat. Low cal. Totally customizable. Go destroy your own amazing veggie sandwich now.