I am not into dieting. I don’t like feeling like there are strict rules or guidelines for what I am allowed to eat. Instead, I look at the big picture and try to make smarter choices and replace ingredients with healthier options when possible. This really works for me. I love delicious food. I am not into starving myself, or cutting things out that I enjoy!

For example, I LOVE Mexican food. Chorizo is glorious. When my husband was excited to tell me about a tasty chorizo substitute that was VEGAN, I was doubtful. But the mere fact that my husband was stoked about a meat substitute had me intrigued, since that’s not usually his bag. I figured what the hell, let’s give it a try. Amazing! I couldn’t taste a difference, other than it was less heavy and greasy. You can really make this however you’d like. If you’d like a little inspiration, here’s the burrito we put together for dinner:


For this particular combination, you’ll need:

Soyrizo (the mister and I used half of the soyrizo for two burritos)

– Eggs (1-2 per burrito)

– Avocado (I mash mine and mix in a little of “that green sauce” from HEB for tasty kick, and we used half avocado per burrito)

– Refried black beans (I prefer Pacific organic)

– Tortilla (I prefer the uncooked tortillas you can get at the store, such as Nana’s uncooked tortillas)

– Spray oil, like Pam

Scoop out and mash up avocado, set aside (add heat, like “that green sauce” or your favorite hot sauce/salsa). Heat up refried black beans. Heat a pan around medium-medium high heat and spray with Pam. Squeeze the soyrizo out of the casing and cook. Add egg to the soyrizo after you’ve cooked it a few minutes, and essentially just scramble the eggs with the soyrizo mixed in. Put it all onto a freshly heated tortilla and you’ve got yourself kickass burrito.

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