Road trip

Gearing up for a road trip! Really excited to go on an adventure with my husband, visit family, and knock back a few books on tape during the drive. As always, there is the element of staying on the right path with food and exercise running in the back of my mind.

Plan established ~

Food: Can be a little tough when on the road. I don’t want to get stuck with fast food or gas station snacks. Our long drive is broken up over a couple of days so we are putting together a smart snack bag and cooler. Going to make a few sandwiches (I’m pretty obsessed with Sara Lee’s 45 calorie whole wheat with honey), bring a big bag of baby carrots, and plenty of water. We also have a bunch of mixed nut and dried fruit snacks. I’m also lucky that after the road portion and during most of the trip we will be at my sister’s, she and her family eat well too with lots of cooking at home rather than eating out.

Exercise: I’m making sure to hit the gym a couple times before we go, and the hotels along the way have gyms as well. I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness, and there happens to be one around the corner from my sister’s place so it will be easy to keep up with my routine. Since we are driving it’s easy to pack extra work out clothes and gym gear. My husband and I are also big fans of walking adventures, we intend to spend vacation time parking and exploring parks, zoos and more on our trip. Plus we are spending most of our vacation chasing around an awesome, hyper little 2 year old, so I think that will keep us moving.

Adventure time – READY!

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