Obstacle course

Some days, it feels like there are obstacles that get tossed in my path, like a test, to see if I can keep doing the right thing. Here is today’s obstacle: All day meeting (groan) …and the job is taking care of buying us lunch and dinner. And pretty good lunch and dinner; lunch from Rubio’s and then dinner and drinks at Lucille’s BBQ. On one hand it’s awesome they are buying my food for the day, but on the other hand it will be nearly impossible for me to stay on track with my caloric intake. Like some kind of crazy person I just spent the last 30 minutes researching their menus to figure out what I want to eat, and also what will not be thousands of calories. Rubio’s isn’t too tough, and they are nice enough to put their nutritional info on the web. But there is nothing for Lucille’s. I had to do a little homework and put together similar items from the MyFitnessPal database in order to figure out roughly how naughty some of their menu items are (spoiler alert: everything there is naughty).

Old me would have NOT given even the slightest of fucks and just ordered whatever I wanted (I mean come on, BBQ). And today would have probably resulted in at least 3000 calories, after making some rough estimates. Instead I think I put together a plan with MFP that should result in about 1600 calories, still over my daily goal of 1300, but not terrible since I have been really good about eating 1300 or less for over a week now.

Every day I think about what I put in me. I view food as fuel – I really notice that when I put crap in my body I feel shitty. But at the same time I LOVE delicious food, so it’s all about finding that balance between it all. Do I obsess about it? Sure, I’ll admit to that. But the benefits outweigh what a nutjob I feel like researching my food before I eat it. Being healthy and fit is the challenge I’ve given myself, and I am determined to keep at it.