My story

One day I woke up and realized my youthful metabolism quit on me (as it does to so many of us) and I was fat***. This was a difficult realization and I did all I could to ignore this fact for years. I continued to eat whatever I wanted. I shopped for new clothes that would get larger and larger in size, and serve as distractions about how I really saw myself. I was sedentary, and was slowly becoming lazier and lazier. I had lost passion for creating and exploring.

This leads to the next “one day I woke up and realized” moment for me. It finally started to click. I fed myself with junk, and felt like garbage. I was lazy, which only bred more stagnation. And ladies and gentlemen, no matter how many new shirts or shoes I bought, the mirror stopped lying to me when I glanced at it. I missed the old me. The energetic, curious, fit me. I wanted that version of myself back.

But better.

Around mid 2012, my husband and I bought a bunch of cookbooks with healthy recipes. We also looked over some of our favorite recipes, and made healthier adjustments and modifications to them. We started small, and would you believe it – we started feeling a little better and started losing a little weight. Step one was a success… but ultimately I wanted more.

I had joined gyms in the past and to be perfectly honest, the motivation wasn’t really there. This time was different. I felt compelled to succeed this time. I started by visiting lots of local gyms and using their free trial memberships to see which one felt like a good fit. I finally found the gym I loved and in September of 2012, the exercise part of my transformation was underway.

I’ve been at this for awhile now, and other than a wicked illness keeping me out for a week, I have faithfully worked out (at the gym or through other fun activities, like hiking/biking/etc) ever since. And I love it. More than anything, I love how I feel, how I look, and how my attitude and energy have shifted in a much more positive direction.

I want to use this blog to post progress (since I am still a work in progress, hell we all are). I will also post info about what I do regarding exercise, I will share my recipes, and anything else that ties in. I am a real person doing this in a way that works for me – I am not a doctor or health professional, just a broad sharing my story in case it inspires or helps anyone else.

Here is my most recent progress picture, the left is from 9/12 (160 lbs, BMI = 25.1) and the right is from 3/13 (140 lbs, BMI = 21.9):



20 lbs down, y’all.


***I realize there is the potential for me to get shit for referring to the above “before” me as fat. I am saying that I was technically overweight per my BMI and I was the fattest I had ever been. I felt awful about myself, and to me: fat was an accurate description.