Rowing machine and variety

I’ve been addicted to the rowing machine at the gym for awhile now. I don’t do it every time I am there, but every other week or so I like to dedicate a solid 30 minutes on it, with an occasional 15 minutes here or there in between those longer sessions. It’s rough. It doesn’t look like it should be, but I feel it burning just about every part of my body. I love it (and slightly hate it too).


I’m one of those crazy people addicted to House of Cards and I actually let out a small squeal when Claire introduced the rowing machine into their home, since I love her and that damn machine so much. I like that the show seems to be bringing rowing into greater popularity, I think it would be fun to find a rowing class at a gym. I know from searching online that they exist in some cities, haven’t found anything local yet.

Beyond the rower: I think what helps me to be find success is variety. I do outside activities – running, walking, hiking and biking. When it’s too hot, I go to the gym. At the gym I will use either the elliptical, stair climber, rowing machine, or stationary bikes. If I want to get something done in my living room at home I use either a weighted ball, small free weights, do squats, pushups, or situps. There is no magic formula other than keeping myself interested by not always doing the exact same thing.


Progress – April to May 2014

Current status: Still floating between 121 and 125 lbs.

These days I’ve been running much more. Not as much trail running but a lot more street and path. I can tell I’m starting to add more muscle and replace fat on my body. The arm jiggle is essentially gone. Although I typically float closer to 125 on the scale, my clothes are still fitting better and better. Doesn’t surprise me, as muscle weighs more than fat. I’m not aiming for big muscles on my body, but tone and definition. I can see it most clearly in my legs.


They aren’t huge, but they are a “normal” thickness now. My whole life I’ve had chicken legs. Even when I was heavier I had scrawny long legs. Not so much now. I really like that my legs are thicker.

For the first time really in my life, I’m getting pretty sad about aging. I turned 34 this week. I am usually met with surprise when someone finds out my age – and I’m grateful I still look pretty young. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m in my mid thirties. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. I am usually pretty excited to celebrate birthdays. I had a wonderful day but I am kind of relieved it’s over.