Progress – March 2014

Still hanging around in maintenance mode. My weight fluctuates as low as 121 and as high as 124 when I weigh myself. The 121 was a surprise when I started seeing that in the mix – that is my lowest weight yet. But I am not really trying to lose anymore. I would say my goal is to hang out between 120-125 pounds. Having that room takes the pressure off a little. I am not overly concerned if I’m up or down a few pounds. A 5 pound range is easy to deal with, mentally.

This last week my husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated a lot – eating out and drinking a few times, even staying the night at a hotel. It was really fun. The week is wrapped up now, and as good as it was, there is a big part of me that is fed up with eating out. Ready to get back to normal mode! I also want to step back and lower the amount of alcohol I drink even more. I HATE that bloated alcohol feeling the next day, even if I only have a few drinks. All those empty calories are really such a waste. I’ve also read a few articles that say your body doesn’t know how to process fat and carbs when alcohol is introduced so your body just stores it. Gross. I’m not cutting out alcohol entirely, just cutting back. Seems dumb to work so hard on exercise and healthy eating only to undo it in a few glasses.

Here is a quick progress picture from when I first hit 121 on the scale:


And pics from this month, just because.


I seem to be REALLY into the exact same pose this month. Hand on hip, slight turn to camera. BOOM (ridiculous).



My first step in the goal to do a half marathon has been officially checked off the list today. I ran my first 5k this morning and I did pretty well!

Picture 1

My goal was to try to get it done in 30 minutes. I practically nailed it, got it in 30 minutes, 8 seconds! Quite pleased with myself.


I went solo. It was a little strange to not have any familiar faces there with me. My husband was out out of town on a business trip (he wasn’t told about it until after I signed up) and my friend who was planning to join me got an opportunity to work (very late) the night before and couldn’t run so early. I was a little nervous; I didn’t have the social buffer of someone else to chat with and figure out what to do. But I went, and I did it. Ultimately this was something I did for myself so doing it alone kind of gave me an added sense of accomplishment. Even still, I know that the 5k was not a huge hurdle for me at this point. I’m already planning to sign up for a 10k when an interesting one crosses my path. By next year, I am planning to tackle the half marathon. I feel pretty confident that I am progressing well and will be ready.