Progress – December 2013

I managed to make it through Christmas with my weight fluctuating in the same 2-3 pound area as before the vacation and holiday madness got underway. That is a big victory, as I am focused on maintaining rather than losing at this point. It was a true test, especially as I am a sucker for savory naughty holiday food. I have admittedly had a little less gym time, but my husband and I have made sure to take advantage of the beautiful desert winter and have spent a lot of time outside walking and hiking to keep active.

I made a bit of a fitness resolution for the new year. I’d actually prefer to call it a goal, since resolutions seem like they’re made to be broken. I’ve decided that since I know I can run a 5k, that I would actually sign up and participate in at least one this year. I’m aiming for one in the spring if any come across my radar that I’m interested in. I am also going to work on increasing my ability to run longer distances this year, and my ultimate goal is to train for a half marathon. I don’t know if I will run one this year, I’m leaning more towards training during 2014 to ultimately run in one by early 2015. I am going to try! Exciting to think about… and a little scary.

Finally I love adding pictures to these progress posts, and since there isn’t really much change in my body size I’m resorting to before and after shots. Those are more fun anyway.

Here is a comparison of me at my company holiday party… the left is 3 years ago, the right was just a couple weeks ago. (yes!)



Road trip success

The road trip to visit my family was a success! I managed to work out 6 times during the trip without it interrupting any fun or family time. We ate out, but I made smarter choices than the “old me” would have, keeping an eye on portion control and holding myself accountable by entering all the calories in MyFitnessPal. When I got back and weighed myself, I had maintained where I was before leaving. Victory! The trip itself was fun, we spent a lot of time chilling with the family – we went to TX and there was a major cold front that came through. We had rainy cold days almost the whole trip which was a bummer, but at least the company was excellent.