10 miles

A couple of weeks ago I went to the gym and ended up surprising myself. I wanted to do some cardio, so I got on the elliptical with the plan to just go for an hour like usual. Shortly after I started I decided it might be fun(?) to push myself further. I figured what the hell… I can do over 6 miles in an hour. Maybe I could make it to 10 miles if I could just stand to go longer?

I tried to put 90 minutes into the timer but the gym presets don’t let you go beyond 60 minutes. I decided I would do my hour then I would do a second round with the extra 40 minutes get to 10 miles. I found a good pace, slightly slower than what I normally do, and pushed myself.

I did it! I felt like my legs were rubber afterwards, but it was an excellent work out. And it wasn’t really planned either. I realize that’s kind of nuts but it was fun to challenge myself on the fly and to accomplish it. I took pics of the two sections of my journey, and a nerdy selfie too.



Progress – September 2013

It has officially been a year since I joined a gym. In September of 2012 I started by visiting a few gyms and using their free trial memberships. That first visit was on Labor Day weekend. It sounds goofy, but it really changed my life. That was 32 pounds ago.

As of today I weigh 128. BMI = 20.0

My current goals are so different than a year ago! When I started I wasn’t aiming very high, just hoping to lose some weight and fit into my clothes better. I have lost more than I initially thought I would be able to. Now I am getting closer to the point where I don’t really aim to lose much more weight, I’m more interested in toning parts of my body and increasing my endurance. I used to wear pants that were a size 12 (sometimes even larger…) Now when I buy pants I buy size 4. My shirts were all Large (sometimes XL) now I pretty much always buy Small (occasionally even XS). I have a lot more energy than I used to. Physically I can accomplish things I never thought I could when I started exercising a year ago. Really glad I stuck with it and kept pushing myself. Some days are easy and I look forward to working out, but it can still be a challenge some weeks to get off my ass and keep at it. It’s all worth it though.

All it took for me to turn my life around was a minimum of 3 days a week, 40 minutes to an hour of some kind of cardio (whether it be at the gym, or even biking or hiking). That’s my minimum each week, and really it’s not that hard to keep at it. That plus being mindful and keeping track of what food I put into my body is what I do. No magic pill or starvation or anything insane. Just regular exercise and good food choices. I always get a little surprised at the disbelief I get from some people who haven’t seen me in awhile and they ask me what I’ve done. No, I haven’t done P90x. Nope, no cross fit. No, I haven’t found a magic diet pill or drug. Go figure, I literally just do what just about any health professional says you ought to do… I exercise 3-4 times a week and eat healthy.

Here is my progress shot, taken a few days ago: