Stair climbing

I rotate through a few cardio exercises at the gym. I think the stair climber is a sort of torture device.

I mean, look at it. So smug and evil. Jerk.

Apparently I’m a masochist because I’ve been working on improving my time and distance on it. Last week I got to 4 miles in just slightly over 30 minutes. Today the plan was to see if I could last on the goddamn thing for 40 minutes. I did, and I went nearly 5 miles (had to slow down a bit for the last little stretch. I was so tired.) At the end it tells you how you did. I climbed 220 floors.

It reminded me of something that happened awhile back on one of my guilty pleasure shows – Live with Kelly and Michael. Look man, don’t judge. She is adorable and he is a perfect man. But I digress. Back in February Kelly took on the challenge to go all the way up to the top of the Empire State Building using the stairs. It’s a yearly NYC event, like a marathon. I remember when they were talking about it I thought it sounded TOTALLY insane.

I wondered – how many floors are in the Empire State Building? How close did I get with my 220 floors? I pulled up Google… lo and behold the building has 102 floors. Today on the stair climber I essentially jogged up the Empire State Building TWICE (plus a bit extra) without a single break.

Fuck yes.


Progress – August 2013

Big goal hit. I am down to 130 lbs. That makes my BMI 20.4.   YES!

When I started this whole journey (and was actually brave enough to start weighing myself again) I was 160 pounds.  Initially I thought it would be nice to lose 15 pounds or so. Then when I got close to that, I thought it would be excellent to get to 20 or even 25 pounds down. I finally got those goals so I decided to go big: now my ultimate goal is to weigh around 120 lbs. I figure why not aim for it? Even if I don’t get there and I just get close, it’s cool. Now I’ve gotten to the 130 mark; 30 pounds down and only 10 pounds away from what I would consider an ideal weight for my body. 120 lbs. would put me at the low range of normal for BMI, still in a very healthy range.

Welp, here is my progress picture, including the dreaded starting-point-flashback-picture in the upper left for your consideration.



(so damn proud of myself!)



I just bought size extra small gym shorts.



I am in a state of shock. I had some Adidas gym shorts in a large. Actually, I can be seen wearing the large size in the “before picture” in my original post. I knew the large were too large, that didn’t surprise me. I decided to pick up a couple new pairs of gym shorts, expecting to buy a small, worse case scenario a medium.

I picked up the size small and was about to try them on when my husband, Matt, pointed out that the smalls looked like they would be too big on me. I didn’t really believe him, but I figured what the hell. I’ll bring a couple XS in the changing room and just double check.

The size small was big and baggy.  The extra small — of the exact same type of shorts I used to wear a large in — now fit me.

This is an extremely surprising victory post. It was beyond unexpected. It actually gave me anxiety, I started having a little panic moment standing there in Dick’s Sporting Goods with my hands full of too-big smalls and just-right extra smalls. WHO AM I?  WHERE DID I GO? WHAT IF I WAKE UP AND THIS ISN’T REAL ANYMORE, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FEEL REAL.

But it is real. And it’s awesome, and I don’t need to worry. I’m doing this the right way, I’m not starving myself or taking diet pills or anything bonkers. I’m just eating healthy, being active, and thinking about my body like it’s a machine to keep in good working order. Once the habit is made, it’s really not that hard – you just need a strong sense of personal accountability. Nobody else can do this for me, it’s on my shoulders.