Progress – May 2013

I am officially down 24 pounds from when I started this venture to become fit in September 2012. I don’t know how much I’ve actually lost, because I only started recording my weight in September at 160 pounds… but I know I was heavier than that. I was very afraid of looking at the scale. When I actually started jumping on and paying attention, it was after my husband and I had already started cooking and eating healthier. I know I had lost some weight from that process.

Regardless, here I am now. 136 pounds, 21.3 BMI:


And if you haven’t seen the original image from September 2012:


It’s a little embarrassing to look at myself from back then, but I am proud of what I have done to improve myself and I think it’s a good reminder and encouragement to keep going!


Shrimp & avocado salad

Simple fresh salad. You can customize it however you want.


I usually make this in order to meal prep and bring a healthy lunch to work for 4 days (I chop and mix the veggies each day and only precook the shrimp, but you could also just view this as enough for 4 servings). Add or subtract veggies from this recipe per your tastes, but here’s what I do:

– 1 lb uncooked shrimp

– 2 avocados

– 2 cucumbers

– 2 tomatoes (I like the ones still on the vine!)

– head of iceberg lettuce (spinach would also be excellent)

– dressing (I use about a tablespoon of sesame oil, or about a tablespoon of poppy seed dressing per serving. Once again, this can be totally customizable.)

I saute the shrimp, either with cooking spray or a pad of butter if I feel like splurging. Once they are cooked through, I generally sprinkle them with some pepper and garlic powder (no need to go overboard, just a little). Now stick them in the fridge, this is meant to be a totally cold salad. I like to meal plan with this, so I add 1/4 of the total veggies listed above to 1/4 of the cooked shrimp to bring to work for lunch each day. I precook the shrimp, but I chop the veggies each night or morning before work so they don’t get gross being chopped up for too long by the time day 3 or 4 rolls around. When I’ve chopped veggies and added the shrimp to that portion, I drizzle a little dressing on, shake it up… and boom. Delicious, fresh, reasonably healthy lunch!