10 miles

A couple of weeks ago I went to the gym and ended up surprising myself. I wanted to do some cardio, so I got on the elliptical with the plan to just go for an hour like usual. Shortly after I started I decided it might be fun(?) to push myself further. I figured what the hell… I can do over 6 miles in an hour. Maybe I could make it to 10 miles if I could just stand to go longer?

I tried to put 90 minutes into the timer but the gym presets don’t let you go beyond 60 minutes. I decided I would do my hour then I would do a second round with the extra 40 minutes get to 10 miles. I found a good pace, slightly slower than what I normally do, and pushed myself.

I did it! I felt like my legs were rubber afterwards, but it was an excellent work out. And it wasn’t really planned either. I realize that’s kind of nuts but it was fun to challenge myself on the fly and to accomplish it. I took pics of the two sections of my journey, and a nerdy selfie too.


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